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Collection of Information

DMV Driving Record Search collects identifying information including name, address, and e-mail address when you register for our services. We use this information for billing and customer support purposes. DMV Driving Record Search collects credit card information solely to complete report transactions and does not store the credit card information you send us. DMV Driving Record Search will not willfully disclose any credit card information for any other purpose. If you do not provide all the required information, your purchase transaction will not be completed and you will not receive a report. To make sure your purchase is completed please fill in all the required information.


Use of Information


Information you provide to us in connection with ordering your report will not be shared with any third parties except for audit and legal purposes. Information may be shared with external auditors during routine audits of our systems and operations; and may be disclosed as a result of legal proceedings, such as a subpoena or search warrant. Aggregated statistical data may be used to develop enhancements to this product and other DMV Driving Record Search consumer products. We may use data to make changes to our product, as deemed necessary to continue to ensure your security and privacy online.

DMV Driving Record Search will store the information you provide during your visit, except your credit card information, for purchase verification and customer support. We will store the information in order to facilitate the processing of a request for investigation. If you provide your e-mail address, DMV Driving Record Search will store it so that we can notify you when your investigation or customer support is completed. We will not use your e-mail address for marketing purposes.      

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